Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Battle with my Belly Bulge

This blog is a little unusual for me as it is more personal. I gave myself permission to be self-disclosing because many people can relate to this issue. Since 2010,  I have tried to lose weight 3 times. To those who have seen me, I know I don't appear fat, but I am what some call "skinny fat." Most of my fat collects around my gut. Based on BMI calculations and gut-check measurement (i.e., how much belly fat I can hold in my hands), I'm about 15 lbs overweight.

I have started my diets well enough. During the first month, I lose weight at a healthy rate (6-8 lbs). But after a month, I tend to lose my discipline for food tracking. I am currently using  the Weight Watchers system, which includes online tracking (also an Android app) and weekly meetings. This time I am more determined than ever. 150 lbs is my goal. Going to meetings for the social support and sharing of tips and experiences is new for me. As a psychotherapist who has helped facilitate group therapy sessions, I have seen the benefits of an emotionally supportive group. So going to these weekly meetings can only be helpful in maintaining my motivation. I weighed in yesterday at 159.6 for a loss of 5.4 lbs after 3 weeks. So far, so good!

I have both external and internal incentives (e.g., health, appearance, my pants fitting comfortably). For an external incentive, I want to reach my goal-weight for my honeymoon to Italy (May 5, 2013). During my honeymoon, I suspect I will gain 3-5 pounds, but that's OK. That's only 2 more weeks of dieting. Once I lose all my weight, I'm going to return to regular weight-lifting (twice weekly) and keep tracking my diet so I maintain my weight. At some point, I may decide to increase my protein intake, but that's only if I am consistent with my weight-training. I really don't want to go back to 165 lbs and wear a beer belly. I've been pretty good about regular exercise. Weekly, I play ice hockey and do an interval run on the treadmill (to simulate the high-low aerobic intensity of hockey). And once it warms up, my wife and I will be cycling.
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